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Catalonia is a region in Spain, which represents a wide selection of unique activities. Please visit our selection of activities and get the best out of your stay!

Responsible Tourism

Living local is a great chance to make a real difference using "Responsible Tourism" which are supporting the local Catalan farmers as it aids maintaining traditional ways of living. Renovating the beautiful country homes, with a high degree of respect, stops the areas of mass tourism to grow larger and preserve the stunning scenery, wildlife and glory in Catalonia's historic buildings and precious heritage. 

Grand holiday homes

We have a extensive selection of holiday homes in Catalonia, Spain for grand groups, which create a great opportunity for a unforgettable holiday in company with more generations or friends.

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Underwater Activities & Rowing and Sailing

Rowing and sailing

Catalonia's close relationship with the sea and its rivers have led to the creation, over the course of history, of a great diversity of craft, rigs and tackles. Today, sailing has become an enjoyable means of discovering catalonia's long coastline in many different ways: sailing, rowing, canoeing, water-skiing, windsurf...

Driven by the wind and the lateen sail, the old Catalan fishing boats skilfully sailed the Mediterranean. Even with their skill in fish-ing against a head wind and their technique for using the thermal winds that commonly blow on this sea, the sailors were not loath to getting out the oars when nearing the shore to be the first to land their catch at the fish market and get the best prices. This rivalry between fishing craft eventually led to the first Catalan regattas. Today, Catalonia hosts a large number of nautical competitions and each year its waters attract visitors from all over the world.

Rivers and Reservoirs

Man does not live on the sea alone; sailing or rowing on the Pre-Pyrenean reservoirs can be a perfect excuse to get away from humdrum routine, relax and enjoy an unique environment. The Pla de l'Estany county has the Lake of Banyoles. This is the headquarters of Turisme de Catalunya's Sports Tourism Destinations Project and an excellent resort that offers a wide range of water activities to the visitor.

Sailing down the Ebro River is another proposal to be recommended for the beauty of the area and the different options you can choose from: cruises along different stretches, canoe excursions or renting a boat that is a veritable floating house to sail the 40-km long Riba-Roja reservoir.

Mare Nostrum

Discovering the coastline of the Costa Daurada from on board a yacht, rowing in the Tarragona Marina with a 'llagut', a typical old Catalan fishing craft, or enjoying the activities organised at the Salou-Cambrils-Mont-roig/Miami Platja Sea Station, are some of the many options offered by the Tarragona coast. However, you can also gain firsthand experience of the sea much closer to Barcelona, on the Maresme coast or the Garraf coast.

Sailing from Barcelona harbour, we can go on excursions on a skippered yacht along the Barcelona coast, where the gentle climate allows the sea to enjoyed almost all year round. In the province of Gerona, the Costa Brava offers water sports enthusiasts a typically Mediterranean scenery, combining captivating beauty and a comprehensive marina infrastructure.

To explore this magnificent coast in all its diversity, you can go on a cruise on a skippered yacht. As a member of the crew and taking part in the work of running the boat, it is a truly unique experience.

Another excellent combination of sport, sea and adventure are the kayak excursions to the Medes Islands and the Montgrí coast. With its small size and agility, the kayak is the perfect means to explore all the hidden nooks and crannies along the coast.

Underwater activities

With its more than 500 kilometres of coastline, catalonia is a perfect destination for discovering all the secrets of the sea. Come and enjoy our gentle climate, have a ringside view of the flora and fauna or capture the most amazing images, and relax ... you're in the best hands.

We've got what you're looking for, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned diver. Do you want to gaze in amazement at multicoloured walls of sea fans or do you get your kicks from discovering sunken ships? Do you dream of seeing the majestic glide of the eagle ray or immersing in search of a large grouper? Or perhaps you prefer snorkel diving or going on a beginner's or advanced course?

Catalonia offers you its experience in the organisation of underwater activities -dating back to 1952, with the foundation of the first diving club- and its varied coastline: in the North, the Costa Brava with more than 30 diving centres, and to the South, the Garraf and the Costa Daurada.

Costa Daurada

From the long beaches to which it owes its fame to the Ebro Delta Natural Park, the Costa Daurada encompasses an extensive coastline that each year attracts thousands of tourists in search of sea, sun and sand. A sea that is full of surprises for the underwater activities enthusiast. The Tarragona Underwater Park is a good example of this. In this protected area, free of sea traffic, there are six sunken ships where the diver can see a large quantity of native fauna.

The park, created in 1995, has amply met its twofold goal: promote the regeneration of fish species in the area and provide an enclave of undoubted interest to scuba divers of all levels of expertise.

Costa Brava

The abrupt meeting of mountain and sea gives the Costa Brave its unique beauty. Its jagged profile and the transparency of its water make any of its coves a good place to take your first steps in scuba diving; an immersion baptism can be an excellent way of starting to learn the secrets hidden along its 200 kilometres of coast.

One of the most beautiful sites is, without doubt, the Medes Islands marine reserve. Its proximity to the coast, the influence of the winds and the irregularity of its sea bottom account for the immense variety of species and habitats that make this small archipelago an enclave of incalculable ecological value that attracts visitors from all over Europe.

In accordance with the rules regulating the protection of the Medes Islands, it is permitted to scuba dive and also perform other activities such as snorkelling, opening a door to a habitat that we usually see now through the glass walls of an aquarium.

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