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Catalonia is a region in Spain, which represents a wide selection of unique activities. Please visit our selection of activities and get the best out of your stay!

Responsible Tourism

Living local is a great chance to make a real difference using "Responsible Tourism" which are supporting the local Catalan farmers as it aids maintaining traditional ways of living. Renovating the beautiful country homes, with a high degree of respect, stops the areas of mass tourism to grow larger and preserve the stunning scenery, wildlife and glory in Catalonia's historic buildings and precious heritage. 

Grand holiday homes

We have a extensive selection of holiday homes in Catalonia, Spain for grand groups, which create a great opportunity for a unforgettable holiday in company with more generations or friends.

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List of Restaurants with stars & Els Casals

In 2004 Time magazine included the Catalan restaurant el Bulli chef (Ferran Adrià) in its list of the top 100 influential people in the world, in all fields. The same year French Le Monde devoted its cover to Ferran Adriá and at the same time mentioned Catalonia as the "New France" when it comes to the very best gastronomy. Catalonia is also known for having more Michelin stars per capita than any other place in the world (as many as 42). Catalan cuisine has the finest regional cooking of Spain and therefore you will have to experience the fine traditional kitchen as you visit the region.

The Catalan kitchen has many similarities to the nations near the Mediterranean. However there is some interesting differences, that makes it very unique. First of all the tradition to the solid, country kitchen are maintained. A classic Catalan Chef will also make a virtue of necessity out of keeping the local traditions and methods, grow his own vegetables and have his own farm, that deliver the meat to his kitchen.

An evening for adults and kids at the Michelin Restaurant Els Casals

 As we at get a lot of request regarding dining in Catalonia we have decided to organise an evening in the restaurant Els Casals, where you can discover the delicious Catalan kitchen.

Close to Sagás, 8 km. from Gironella and 20 Km. from Berga, you will find the restaurant Els Casal where Chef Oriol Rovira has control over the kitchen. In 2004 he was selected as the best young chef in Catalonia and in 2006 he and his team went to Paris to make the official dinner reception for The Barcelona football team when they won the Champions League Final. In 2007 he was awarded with one Michelin star.

Together with Chef Oriol Rovira at the Michelin Restaurant Els Casals, invites you to a cosy evening, once a week, with a visit to the garden and the animals at the owners' farm, a drink at the terrace and a gourmet dinner with point of departure in the famous Catalan cuisine.

The Chef Oriol Rovira has a philosophy that everything that are being used in his kitchen will have to be made "by him self" so all vegetables and all the meat that are being served will be from his own large garden and farm (Just as the true, traditional Catalan kitchen aims). As Oriol Rovira said when talking to him regarding his philosophy: "If I buy my vegetables in the market of Barcelona, they will, no matter how fresh they are, also be at least three days old, this way I know when each vegetables are as good as it can be, and then create my dishes after that regarding the opposite way".

As the arrangement once a week, is mainly for the families spending the holiday in one of our holiday homes, we want to inform you that the evening is an arrangement for both children and adults.

Please take contact for further recommendations regarding the arrangement.

List of Michelin Restaurants in Catalonia

1 STAR (*)






Els Casals

Ca l'Enric



Oriol Rovira

Jordi Juncà i Isabel Juncà


   +34 938 251 200

   +34 972 290 015

Can Bosch


Joan Bosch


   +34 977 360 019

Can Jubany


Nando Jubany

   +34 938 891 023



Joan Aparicio

   +34 973 272 728



Fermí Puig


   +34 934 967 710

El Castell


Vicenç Tonico

   +34 973 360 512

El Racó d'en Freixa

Ramon Freixa

   +34 932 097 559



Carles Gaig


   +34 934 291 017

Jean Luc Figueras

J.Luc Figueras

   +34 934 152 877



Miguel Sánchez

   +34 937 927 767

Cuina de Can Pipes

Ramon Casabayó

   +34 972 306 677

La Llar


Joan Viñas


   +34 972 255 368



Àngel Pascual

   +34 938 508 050

Mas Pau


Xavier Sacristà

   +34 972 546 154



Toni Sala


   +34 938 880 106

Via Veneto


José Muniesa

   +34 932 007 244



J. Louis Neichel

   +34 932 038 408



Xavier Pellicer

   +34 933 194 519

La Cuina de Can Simón

Xavier Lores


   +34 972 341 269

L'Estany Clar

Jordi Cruz


   +34 938 220 879

Mas Les Cols

Fina Puigdevall

   +34 972 269 209

El Cingle


Montse Estruch

   +34 938 539 125



Paquita i Lolita Reixach

   +34 937 910 306



Jordi Vila


   +34 932 076 115



Mey Hofmann

   +34 933 195 889



Romain Fornell

   +34 935 101 130



Felip Llofriu


   +34 934 454 000

El Rincón de Diego

Diego Campos

   +34 977 361 307

El Fogony


Zaraida Cotonat

   +34 973 621 225

Hostal de Sant Salvador

Joan Borràs


   +34 972 195 154

El Rebost d'en Pere

Pere Arpa


   +34 972 572 353



Àlex Garés


   +34 934 453 242



Xavier Franco

   +34 933 210 189



Paco Pérez


   +34 972 380 132



Santi Santamaria

   +34 934 135 030










2 STAR (**)




Celler de Can Roca

Joan Roca


   +34 972 222 157





3 STAR (***)




El Bulli


Ferran Adrià


  +34 972 150 457

Racó de Can Fabes

Santi Santamaria

  +34 938 672 851

Sant Pau


Carme Ruscalleda

  +34 937 600 662






Please visit our selection of holiday homes at or take contact for further recommendations.