Book a holiday home with free Corona cancellation

Catalonia Holiday Lettings and our Catalan homeowners now offer free Corona cancellation for participating holiday homes bookings made after March 15th.

As one customer once wrote, "looking forward to the holidays is half the pleasure", and we at Catalonia Holiday Lettings therefore, in collaboration with our sweet Catalan homeowners, allow you to book a holiday with free "Corona cancellation insurance" if the conditions below are met.

In addition, we offer holiday homes in "comfortable distance from mass tourism", and our houses are therefore ideal for holidays for the summer when the Corona problem is hopefully under control, but where you still want a relaxed holiday, without constantly being exposed to many people.


Update March 21st

The near future is uncommonly unpredictable these weeks. So, if you feel it is a little too early to book a holiday - even with a Corona cancellation guarantee - then sign up for our news or follow us on facebook, then we will update constantly!



Here's how "booking with free Corona cancellation" works:

We offer this option of free cancellation for guests who choose to book their summer vacation now, because you will typically not be covered by normal cancellation insurance. Of course, we hope and expect you to be able to keep the booked holiday, but should the restrictions with regarding Corona extend, we offer FREE cancellation and 100% refund of deposit if the following 3 points are met:

  • The arrival date of the booking is earliest the 1st of July

  • That holiday is cancelled no later than 1 month before arrival

  • That, at the time of the cancellation, official restrictions in Spain or your home country makes it impossible/unjustifiable to travel to Catalonia (documentation with link to the authority's website must be sent)

In other words, if there are still Corona-restrictions 1 month before your arrival, preventing you from coming, you can cancel with a 100% refund.


How to find holiday homes with free Corona cancellation:

If you fill out our "suggestion" form,  we will send you a list of the houses with "Corona cancellation" which we think is best for you:


Or if you prefer to do your own search on holiday homes that offer “free Corona cancellation”, you can do so here:
(Choose “Extended Search” and choose from facilities: “Free Corona Cancellation”)

How to book a holiday home with free Corona cancellation:

If you have already found the holiday home you want to book, send us an email to with:

  • Name of the holiday home
  • Dates of your stay
  • Name of person responsible for bookings
  • Email address
  • Mobile Number
  • E-mail address
  • Number of adults, children (3-15 years) and young children (0-2 years)

 Then, we will make the booking for you.


Already a customer?

Our free Corona cancellation insurance is made to allow new customers to book right now. The problem is that customers who book after the Corona restrictions have been introduced, are not covered by travel insurance. Guests who have booked before the Corona restrictions were introduced, we refer to your travel insurance and our normal cancellation policy, which can be read here:

Cancellation conditions for existing bookings: