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Catalonia is a region in Spain, which represents a wide selection of unique activities. Please visit our selection of activities and get the best out of your stay!

Responsible Tourism

Living local is a great chance to make a real difference using "Responsible Tourism" which are supporting the local Catalan farmers as it aids maintaining traditional ways of living. Renovating the beautiful country homes, with a high degree of respect, stops the areas of mass tourism to grow larger and preserve the stunning scenery, wildlife and glory in Catalonia's historic buildings and precious heritage. 

Grand holiday homes

We have a extensive selection of holiday homes in Catalonia, Spain for grand groups, which create a great opportunity for a unforgettable holiday in company with more generations or friends.

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Responsible Tourism

What is responsible tourism?

"Responisble tourism" is tourism with respect for the local environment and the people living there. The scope is to preserve the beautiful surroundings around the world, the wildlife, historical buildings and the cultural heritage.

Hence, it is sustainable tourism viewed from an economic and society perspective that do not undermine the value of the environment or the local culture.

The great majority of the holiday homes offered by Catalonia Holiday Homes are owned by local Catalan families, and have often been in their possesion for decades. The industrialisation has implied that it is not necessary for the Catalan farmer to have a large staff employed. Hence, a lot of farmhouse were suddenly left absent. Additionally, many people employed in agricultural became unemployed.

To create new possibilities for this group, the Catalan government has supported respectful and careful renovation of the country houses to transform into high standard holiday homes without loosing the heritage. They secure correct restauration, the houses must be renovated in accordance with the standard RCP. Now, Catalonia have a great variety of high standard holiday homes.

Tourism contribute now to a great extent to the growth in the Catalan countryside, where you find true Catalan culture unlike the crowded resorts in Costa Brava and central city of Barcelona. The growth in visitors also provides the fundament for the etablishment of different activities for the visitors, making it even more attractive to visit those areas. The Pyrenees, for instance, provides almost unlimited possibilities summer and winter.

Moreover, a lesson has been learned from the explosive development of masstourism that unfortunately threathens the national cultural heritage. And the development has not contributed to the economy, as the major part of the income from the resorts flows out of the country. It is a mistake they do not want to repeat.

Catalonia Holiday Lettings collaborate with local Catalan property owners and other from the local society and we are happy to contribute to the preservation of the Catalan culture and the beautiful nature. We support local activities by informing our guests and by making taylormade arrangements that fits the guests, who typically rent our houses.

What is a good tourist?

As tourists, we have a stake in changes that take place in the local environments, where we choose to make our vacation. For good and bad.
Hence, it is important to be a "good tourist" and bring in the luggage consideration and respect when exploring other parts of the world, like we would like if foreign people visit our hometown. In doing so, we preserve the beaty also for the subesequent generations.  

Before you leave!

Inform youself about the country's culture and its population. In the bookshop, on the library or to some extent on this website, you can find loads of information.

Use agencies, working actively for better tourism, that have an approach to how they influence nature, the culture and the local society on their destinations.

Choose a holiday home that benefits the local population

By living locally, you give something back to the local people

Learn some phrases from their language
"Would you be kind" and "thank you very much" is a good beginning. Even a small gesture of politeness can open doors for positive experiences can open doors to positive experiences and friendships. Adapt for instance to the way you greet people in the culture you are visiting.

Be aware that very light dressing or loud speaking can be unpolite in for instance churches and monesteries.

In the very independent Catalonia it will exite people if you will get very positive response, if you know a few phrases in Catalan and always say you are in Catalonia and not in Spain.

In your holiday home

Water is a scarce resource - shower better than using bath-tub
It take approximately 130 litres to fill an average bath-tub whereas an average shower consumes 50 litres of water. Lack of water is the biggest threat to the agriculture and unless we act responsibly, it can affect the tourism as well. In the city of Barcelona, it is in certain periods necessary to make restrictions for the people living there.  

Limit your use of electricity - it is expensive and bad for the environment
Turn of lamps and other electrical equipment, when you do not use it. Avoid using air-condition when not necessary.

Recirculate your garbage
The Catalans have a well-functioning system to sort the garbage. Respect this and make sure to sort your cans and bottles from the rest of the garbage. Dumb it in re-circulation containers that you will pass in central locations when leaving the house.

"There are no such thing as bad tourists, only badly informed tourist"