About us

About Us

Sydensferiehuse offers holiday homes in areas of Catalonia which we believe will provide you with the perfect base for a fantastic and unforgettable holiday. 

At Sydensferiehuse.dk we strive to guarantee that your entire group has a wonderful holiday! In order to ensure this, we work by the following four principles.

Thorough local knowledge of all our locations and homes.

We believe that spending your holiday in local areas, amongst locals, will make your holiday even better. That is why we constantly make sure that we are always updated about what is going on in every little village. This way we can offer our guests the best of the variety of possibilities that the region has to offer.  We know all about the local markets, where to find the best sausages and cheese in town, the best places to go horseback riding and much more!

Should you have any specific questions regarding the area you plan to stay in, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information - we love to share our advice!

Quality in the selection of every single holiday home.

All of our rental houses and apartments are in the traditional style of the region, most of them in smaller villages or rural settings throughout Catalonia, Spain. Our homes have been gently and respectfully restored according to the traditions of local architecture, and now meets the demand of modern comfort that our guests desire. Most of our holiday homes have a washing machine, a dishwasher and large comfortable beds. Many have their own private swimming pool. Alternately there will be access to a shared pool, or a local pool.

During the past few years we have visited more than 500 holiday homes and we have chosen to represent less than a third of them. It is only too easy to take 100 fantastic photographs promoting mediocre homes, but this is not the best way to ensure that our guests have a satisfying stay. We only choose the very best holiday homes for our customers, this way we try to ensure the best possible holiday for our guests.

Exquisite personal service and thorough guidance to all our guests.

We wish to assist you and your travel companions in finding the holiday home that is exactly right for you. We will furthermore be able to aid you with any specific request you might have. Perhaps you want to celebrate an occasion while vacationing, and will need extra assistance with the cooking or maybe a larger room for the party. Some may wish to drive to Spain themselves, while others prefer travelling by train or plane. We have experience with most needs, and we once arranged a wedding with 80 guests, travelling all the way from Ireland. Nothing is impossible!

It is our goal to answer all requests within 24 hours. And our service will always be a very personal as Sydensferiehuse is owned and run by us (Bertel and Lisbeth). Should you need any assistance while on your vacation we will never be further than a phone call away.

Credibility - we do not make promises, if we cannot keep them.

We try our absolute best to make our descriptions accurate and credible. Our thorough, non-biased descriptions of the area provides you with the best possible basis for choosing the holiday home that suits you the best. We are always wiling and able to assist you if you should have further questions or wish further assistance.