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Holiday with Padel - the perfect combination!

Bertel Dahlmand Stahn / Mar 15, 2024

Padel Holiday in Catalonia (Spain) - Enjoy your holiday in a holiday home with Padel court or with a Padel center nearby

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Christmas in holiday country - silence before the storm.

Lisbeth Stahn / Dec 11, 2017

At Christmas the family is gathered, have some well-earned days off, and have time to see 3-4 cold and dark months ahead of us. It makes us think about vacation.

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Turrón or Torró in Catalan - Extremely tempting sweets from Catalonia and Spain

Lisbeth Stahn / Nov 13, 2017

Honey, sugar and the world's best almonds are just one of many recipes for the delicious Turrón. Get to know the local sweets so you can get the real Turrón home from your vacation.

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A guide to the best cheeses in Catalonia

Lisbeth Stahn / Nov 06, 2017

Catalan cheeses are a true delight in Catalonias overwhelming gastronomic treasure chest. Enjoy them on the terrace in the holiday home morning, dinner and evening and fill up your suitcase with local cheeses.

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