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Catalonia is a region in Spain, which represents a wide selection of unique activities. Please visit our selection of activities and get the best out of your stay!

Responsible Tourism

Living local is a great chance to make a real difference using "Responsible Tourism" which are supporting the local Catalan farmers as it aids maintaining traditional ways of living. Renovating the beautiful country homes, with a high degree of respect, stops the areas of mass tourism to grow larger and preserve the stunning scenery, wildlife and glory in Catalonia's historic buildings and precious heritage. 

Grand holiday homes

We have a extensive selection of holiday homes in Catalonia, Spain for grand groups, which create a great opportunity for a unforgettable holiday in company with more generations or friends.

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Getting to your holiday home!

Staying a privately located holiday home implies for 90% of our properties a car. If you bring you own car, you can either arrive to catalonia following the coast by the E15 from Perpignan or you can cross the Pyrenees following E9 from Toulouse. As alternative to drive all the way, you could consider an auto-train.

The majority of our guests choose, however, to catch a plane to one of three airports in Catalonia (Girona, Barcelona and Reus), and then rent a car. With a lot of operators, it is easy to find some very good rates. Below, we provide some help with a collection of links.

Have a nice trip!

Car rental in Spain

Car rental is fairly cheap in Spain. The price depends a bit on the time of year and when you book. We have an agreement with, which have contracts with all major carhire companies and hence usually have the best prices available.

Car Rental in Spain


As we travel to Catalonia 2-3 times a year and always rent cars, we have made a list of hints, which might be useful when renting a car via Rentalcar, which is the company we link to:


Rental Cars do not have their own cars .It is a portal with special deals with al major car rental companies, so usually, they have the best prices. When you make a search, you will get a long list of cars. It is not possible to view, which company you actually booking with. We have tried many different, and we have always had cars of satisfactory standard. However, to annoying inconveniences and extra costs, we have following 3 hints:

Some companies do not have office in the airport building. You will need to find a shuttle bus, bringing you to a parking 10 minutes from the airport, where they have their office. This can be a bit annoying, especially if you arrive late, so if you want to avoid this, only choose cars with the a “inside airport” deal.

Often, cars with the deal full to empty tank are cheapest. However, they charge a lot for the petrol you receive the car with, and as it is hard to empty a tank, you should add at least 50 Euros to the price to make it comparable with a car with a “full to full tank” deal.

They always try to sell you an extra insurance, typically a “full coverage” insurance, so you have no self-coverage. We advise to read in advance what coverage you have, so you already know what to answer when they offer this. We also recommend that you check with your own insurance company, as you might have some coverage there.

EXTRA EQUIPMENT (GPS, Baby seat etc.)
If you want to rent a GPS or baby seat etc. it is important to book it in advance, that it might be sold out. Be aware that GPS is quite expensive to rent, so it might be cheaper to bring your own or buy and GPS-app to your Smartphone.  


Fly to Catalonia, Spain

The most common way to get to our houses is to fly to one of Catalonia's three airports and then rent a car. Catalonia is not bigger than you can use any of the three airports, no matter what part of Catalonia you rent a house. But of course if the price is the same, it cannot harm to choose the closest.

Girona Airport

Girona Airport (sometimes called Gerona Airport, which is the Spanish spelling) is the most northern airport. The houses in the Costa Brava/Girona area will be within ½-1 hour drive from this airport. Plana de Vic and Barcelona is 1 hour drive, Central Catalonia and Penedés/Anoiá is 1½ hours drive. Following Airline companies have routes to Girona:

Barcelona Airport

Barcelona Airport is located just outside Barcelona in the middle of Catalonia. Most of our houses almost all the houses can be reached in between 1-2 hours drive.

More than 100 Airline companies have routes to Barcelona. Click here to see a listing of airline companies operating from Barcelona

Reus Airport

Reus Airport is the most southern airport. The houses in the Tarragona, Urgell, Penedés/Anoiá and Barcelona area will be within ½-1½ hour drive from this airport. Following Airline companies have routes to Reus:

Lleida Airport

New airport opened in 2009. There are not yet many routes, only Frankfurt, Paris and domestic destinations.

Auto-train and high-speed trains (AVE)

Auto-train is a great way to travel. You park the car on a special wagon, and then you enter the train. Here, you will have you own room, and the train has a dining-wagon. After a good night's sleep, you will arrive in Narbonne or Toulouse, less than 100 km. from Catalonia.

I 2009 a new AVE high speed train line will be opened. Already now, AVE run the line: Madrid - Lleida - Tarragona. In 2009, the line Tarragona - Barcelona - Figueres - France. I France, it will be connected to the French TGV-network.


Auto-train departures from Germany to Narbonne:

Auto-train departures from France to Narbonne or Toulouse:

Driving to Catalonia, Spain

If you have the time, driving through Europe before moving into your holiday home in Catalonia can be a great experience. How to plan the route depends of course a lot of, from where you come and how much time you have to arrive. But to enter Catalonia, there are two main roads, either E9 from Toulouse over the Pyrenees and - if you like - through Andorra or E15 the by the coast taking you right through the Costa Brava region.





Luggage storage:

Occationally, we have requests regarding luggage storage in Barcelona Airport, so we have found the information. If you need information about other airports, we will be happy to help.

Luggage storage Barcelona Airport (El Prat)
2010 prices

1 piece of luggage (big): 4,50 Euros/24hours
1 piece of luggage (small): 3,80 Euros/24 hours

Where: Terminal 1 - planta 0 (floor 0)



If you need information not listed, you are welcome to contact us at: