Airports In Catalonia

Airports in Catalonia

Barcelona's international airport has 44 million passengers a year. Most of the tourists flying to Catalonia arrive at Barcelona Airport, but you will find another three airports with international flights in Catalonia, which stretches over a total area of about 32.197 km2.

The four airports in Catalonia are:

With plenty of airlines flying to Catalonia and a relatively large number of airports as well, there’s no excuse to stay away from this beautiful region! Girona-Costa Brava Airport and Barcelona Airport are the two Airports, followed by Reus Airport in the southern Catalonia and last but not least the smallest on of them all, Lleida-Alguaire Airport, located in the western Catalonia.

  • Barcelona International Airport
  • Girona-Costa Brava Airport (about 95 km north / east of Barcelona) 
  • Reus Airport (about 110 km south of Barcelona)
  • Lleida–Alguaire Airport (about 175 km west of Barcelona)

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