Car Rentals in Catalonia

Car rental in Catalonia / Spain

A simple way to rent your car - without all the usual trouble

Regarding car rental in Catalonia, we can recommend FairCarRent, who have developed a new, exciting way to rent cars.

They run a unique concept, where they strive to achieve full transparency and none of the additional costs and troubles that are usually linked with holiday car rental - much in line with our own concept.

Link to FairCairRent

Here is a snippet of what they have to offer (according to themselves):

  • Keys at the door
  • No airport queue
  • Free extra driver
  • Full-to-full tank
  • Roadside assistance
  • 24/7 customer contact
  • 200-euro deposit
  • Full insurance (including punctures!)


Car hire is relatively cheap in Spain, although prices fluctuate a lot, depending on the season and when you book.
We have an agreement with Rental Cars, which has contracts with all major car rental companies, and therefore almost always has the lowest prices:



As we travel to Catalonia 2-3 times a year and often rent a car through Rental Cars, we have made a small list of tips that can be useful when renting a car through Rental Cars, which is the company we link to:

Link to Rental Cars

Rental Cars does not have cars, but as Rental Cars has special agreements with all major car rental companies, they typically have the best prices. When you make a search on the website, you will be presented with a long list of cars. It is not possible to see which company to book with before booking. We have got cars from several different companies and generally we have been satisfied. But to avoid annoyance over extra costs and trouble with pickup of the car, we have the following tips:

IN OR OUTSIDE AIRPORT? (Inside / Outside the Airport)

Some of the rental companies do not have the cars standing in the airport itself, but in a parking lot far away, you have to take a shuttle bus. If you want to avoid this, select only cars where the pickup location is listed as "In AIRPORT" (Inside Airport)


The cheapest cars usually have a deal called "full to empty tank". The advantages with "full to empty tank" is the prise and also that you don't have to fill the car before delivery, which means that you don't have to find a petrol station on your way to the airport. However, since it is difficult to calculate the last refueling so that you can deliver the car empty, you will probably deliver the car with some gasoline that you have paid for, but will not use. 


When picked up at the airport, you are always offered to extend your insurance (for extra payment) so that it is fully covered (ie no self-risk). It may be a good idea to understand what cover you have purchased in advance, so you know what to answer. Also, check what your private insurance covers as you may have some cover included.

EXTRA EQUIPMENT (Child seat / GPS etc.)?

For example, if you want child seats or GPS, it is important to book in advance as it may be sold out. Also notice that GPS is quite expensive to rent, so it can often be cheaper to bring one from home or buy a GPS app for their smartphone.