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Masia de Cerdeña


Central Catalonia

Stay in a newly renovated holiday house of extra high standards

Masia del Cerdaña is a totally newly renovated holiday house of high standards with room for 23 guests. Situated without neighbours, the stage is set for a peaceful holiday in lavish surroundings. Outside you will find a wonderful pool area, a space for chill out and a large covered terrace with a long table – ideal for nice lunches and for the late evenings.

In the design of the outdoor area it has been thoroughly considered how to optimize the summer holiday. From the coveredterrace you can directly overlook the pool so you may quietly sit and enjoy the children having fun in the pool while enjoying a glass of Cava in the shadow or relaxing in the late evening hours. There has even been built two kitchens. A summer kitchen with direct access to the pool so it is easy to prepare the summer dinner, fetch cool drinks and bring the dinner set out and back without having to walk to the kitchen on the first floor. The meal can also be prepared in the BBQ area in the garden. This detail is simply making the holiday much more comfortable, and we have doubts as to whether the otherwise perfect kitchen on the first floor will be used in the summertime.

The swimming pool is very nice and large (49 m2) so there is space for the many guests in the house. It has a low-water area and a deeper part which are connected by stairs. Furthermore there is a football ground and a basketball field on which both grown-ups and children can burn their energy and indoors you have table football, table tennis and a smaller indoor pool, so there are a lot of activities.

In the garden there are two chill out areas with comfortable outside sofas. One around the pool, which has also a lot of deck chairs, and the other on an elevated terrace area with a fantastic view over the beautiful landscape. The holiday home Masia del Cerdaña is in fact situated on a hilltop, enabling a wonderful view – almost all the way round.

Not only have the outdoor areas been organised with great care the same is the case indoors in Masia del Cerdaña, which has room for 23 guests. The ground floor of the house is centred around a cosy and lavish common area with sofas and flat screen TV, where you can relax. Right beside this you find an indoor pool with spa function (3x30 m). There are stairs into the pool and benches so you can relax and enjoy wellness in beautiful and private surroundings.

On the ground floor is also the previously mentioned summer kitchen. From here there is view and direct access to the pool and terrace. It is equipped with washing machine, stove, hotplates, dishwasher and similar facilities. On the same flooris also a double room with two beds and bathroom en suite, which is adapted for walking-impaired.

The first floor of the house has also a common area with dining facilities and a great designer kitchen with view over the landscape and the pool. There are 10 very well equipped bedrooms in Masia del Cerdeña. One on the ground floor, six on the first floor and three on the second floor. The bedrooms are beautifully furnished and eight of them have bathrooms en suite bathrooms. In total there are 10 bathrooms.
The top floor has yet another beautiful sitting room and a perfectly placed outside terrace with view over the beautiful landscape. Moreover, this floor has three bedrooms.

In the holiday home Masia del Cerdeña you get all you can dream of. All the bedrooms are beautifully furnished (8 off them have their own bath), there are comfortable and modern sitting rooms, a lot of possibilities for activity, large swimming pool outside and pool/spa inside and last but not least are all areas reflect the effort to optimize the comfort of the guests. Masia del Cerdeña is certainly the perfect choice of a holiday home for the particular guest who wants that everything works properly.

Facilities in the holiday home Masia del Cerdeña:

  • Peacefully situated without neighbours and with a good and beautiful view
  • Room for 23 persons
  • 10 modern bedrooms
  • 49 m2 swimming pool
  • Large terrace with view
  • Indoor pool with spa function (3 x 3,30 meters)
  • Two kitchens (summer kitchen in connection with terrace and one on the first floor)
  • Table tennis, table football, football ground and basketball
  • Chill out areas
  • Wi-Fi


Masia de Cerdeña

23 Persons

3 Possible extra beds

3 Tripple rooms

600 (m2)

13 Single beds

5 Double beds

10 Bathrooms

10 Ensuite bathroom

Facilities in the house and area

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Private garden
Terrace (private)
Private outdoor pool
Swimming pool fenced
Washing machine
TV (with normal channels)
Minigolf course (private)
Playground swings

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