Weather in Catalonia

Weather in Barcelona and Catalonia

Average temperatures in Barcelona:

The monthly average temps in Barcelona are:

  • January: 10 °C
  • February: 10 °C
  • March: 12 °C
  • April: 13 °C
  • May: 16 °C
  • June: 20 °C
  • July: 23 °C
  • August: 24° C
  • September: 22 °C
  • October: 18 °C
  • November: 13 °C
  • December: 11 °C

Catalonia has 300 annual days of sunshine. The weather in Barcelona and Catalonia is generally pleasant and nearly always sunny in the warmer months.

For holidays with a minimum of 4 nights stay Spain is the most visited destination, and rightfully so. The flight is manageable, the people are kind hearted, the food is fantastic, and it is still a relatively cheap destination, where it is possible to taste many extraordinary Spanish delis without going bankrupt. And then of course the weather. Catalonia has 300 annual days of sunshine, so Catalonia is a region that we consider an amazing travel destination. In February you can easily experience lovely sunshine and temperatures up to 15-17 °C, meaning the almond trees already flourishes in mid-February – a wonderful sight.

If considering visiting Catalonia, the annual sunny days and temperatures gives you the opportunity to not only visit in July or August, but all year. The high summer in the city of Barcelona is quite hot, whereas the spring and autumn is more comfortable with degrees between 18-22 °C, and these periods also comes with a positive side effect since the number of tourists is lower.   

Dependent on where in Catalonia you are, the temperatures will vary quite a bit. The city of Barcelona, Tarragona and Lleida are Catalonia’s hottest provinces, while the Catalan part of the Pyrenees can offer excellent skiing areas.  

Average temperatures in Catalonia

The average daily minimum and maximum temperatures in Catalonia are listed below.

We have a lot of costumers who are asking about the temperature in Central Catalonia, the foot of the Pyrenees, and we can insure you that Central Catalonia is lovely during the summer. There might be 3-4 °C cooler than in the city of Barcelona, but trust us when we say that this will not be an issue.  

We usually say that Catalonia is on the sunny side of the Pyrenees, and we do this because the French side of the Pyrenees is hit by so many more mm of rain. We don’t like to make promises we can’t keep, so we will not guarantee sunshine on your vacation in Catalonia, but there is hardly a more certain place of sunshine than Catalonia. Furthermore, the warmth in Catalonia is not as smothering as in Greece or Turkey, but on the same time not as chilly as the warmth in France. So, personally we think that Catalonia has the most wonderful climate!