Fishing in Catalonia

Fishing in Catalonia

Catalonia provides excellent conditions for fishing. The region's wonderful nature ensures a wide range of possibilities for fishing; whether it's in one of the famous rivers, lakes or off the coast.


River fishing in Catalonia

Catalonia can offer some of the most beautiful rivers you'll ever see. The Pyrenees and Pre-pyrenees has a multitude of rivers and the trout fishing here is among the best in Europe. Some of the species you'll find in these rivers and streams include brown trout, broke trout, zebra trout, barbel, fario (river) trout, and more. Some of the rivers include:

  • Aigüestortes National Park rivers & lakes
    The Aigüestortes National Park in northwestern Catalonia and its many lakes and rivers is a stunning experience. The trout fishing here can compete with the very best of the best in Europe.

  • River Ter

  • Segre River

  • Noguera Pallaresa

  • El Llobregat River


Fishing License

Keep in mind, that - like in most countries - all public waters in Catalonia require a fishing license to legally fish.
This can be obtained from the Catalan ministry site here, and might require a fee (quite cheap usually). The license will allow you to fish publicly accessible waters, although some waters are "controlled areas" which will require an additional license.
Moreover, local rules and restrictions are sometimes present in specific areas.

When fishing with a professional tour operator or alike, you will of course be fishing under their license.

Read more about a fishing license on the Catalan ministry website.




Ebro River fishing

Fishing in the Ebro River can be quite extraordinary if you're a dedicated fisherman. The river is famous for its population of enormous catfish, reaching sizes of up to 100 kg / 220 lbs. Safe to say, the wels catfish of Ebro are among the biggest in Europe. Other species include carp, zander, sea bass & more.

If you're going catfishing in the river Ebro, the usual way is to book a guided tour with one of the fishing guides. They will provide boat, equipment, licenses, most likely food & drinks, etc. - and they know which places to fish.

There are plenty of guide companies for the Ebro River, so finding one should not be too hard.


Coastal fishing in Catalonia

The coastal saltwater fishing of Catalonia can be quite incredible. The most common way to fish the Mediterranean Sea is by chartering a boat off of one of the ports near Blanes, Cambrils, L'Ametlla de Mar, Delta del Ebro, etc.

The coast of Catalonia is known for its bluefin tuna fishing; although, there is a very wide range of fish species to catch - some of the other popular ones include mahi mahi, bluefish, mackerel, bonitos, and many more. You can even go diving with huge Atlantic bluefin tuna at a tuna farm off the coast of L'Amettla de Mar.

Especially the Delta del Ebro, the coastal waters where the River Ebro ends, is famous for it's abundant fishing opportunities.