What To Bring On Your Holiday

What to bring on your holiday

With the flight ticket purchased, the holiday home booked, and possibly also a rental car, everything is now almost in place. It is now only the suitcase that stands between you and your fantastic holiday! Below, we have put together the best packing list to ease the work for you. Foolproof packing lists are not so dumb after all, and we strive to offer the best possible conditions for a stress-free vacation, as there is nothing worse than forgetting important things! But do also remember that as long as you have your passports, money, driving directions and maybe medicine, it can’t go all wrong. Read below to get a better overview of your luggage.

Valuables belong in your hand luggage.

We recommend that you pack all the valuables in your hand luggage. It can be anything from money, a passport, a camera, your medicine or maybe jewelry. Your driving directions to your holiday home are also important, so we recommend that you pack this in your hand baggage, and print it out before departure.

The luggage restrictions have been tightened, so you can only have liquid containers of 100 ml in your hand baggage. If you need something that exceeds the 100ml limit, put it in your checked-in suitcase.

Moreover, you cannot bring your manicure set with you on the airplane ???? So your nails are going to have wait untill you have arrived at your holiday home. It is strictly forbidden to bring nail files, scissors or small pocket knives for the delicious Spanish sausages you may have purchased in your hand luggage, so make sure you pack all of this in your suitcase.

  • Passport
  • Payment Methods - Currency Euro, Visa / Master Card
  • Booking Confirmation and Driving directions from Sydensferiehuse
  • Car Rental Contract
  • Health insurance card
  • Mobile phone and charger
  • A Cameria
  • Medicin if needed (maks. 100 ml. liquid container)
  • Sunglasses

Name badge on your suitcase

We once had a guest in a holiday home, who called us from his holiday home at. 23:00. They had arrived at their holiday home, had a nice dinner and at bedtime he opened his suitcase, only to discover that he had accidentally taken the wrong luggage. A really bad and stressful way to start your vacation. Unless you're a super secret agent, make sure to put a name tag on your luggage to ensure that this does not happen to you! If it should happen, the airport staff will also be able to contact you to let you know – so it is indeed a win-win situation! 

First aid kit - You don’t need to bring half a hospital with you

You don’t need to bring half a hospital with you when you are on vacation, but there are of course a few things that are very good to have with you. You shouldn’t have to have even a day of your holiday spoiled by a headache, so simple painkillers are always a great idea to bring with you on vacation. The same applies to allergy and asthma medicine.

Fortunately, Catalonia is not the big mosquito destination, but as mosquitoes for some strange reason love me, I always make sure to bring mosquito spray with me. Furthermore, you can never go wrong with a simple band-aid or two.

One thing that Catalonia is not missing are sunny days! Out of the 365 ​​days of the year, Catalonia has 300 days of sunshine a year so it's an absolute must to remember to protect your skin, as it would be a shame if you were forced to hide away indoors, instead of bobbing around the pool and being outdoors! So to sum it up, you shouldn’t need to bring more than:

  • Simple headache pills
  • Allergy and asthma medicine
  • Mosquito Spray
  • Sunscreen
  • Band-aids

Minimize the toiletries

Did you know that on average 3-4 kilograms of a woman's luggage are toiletries? But is that really necessary? In any pharmacy you can buy small containers for your shampoo, your essential and indispensable face cream etc. And shaving cream or hair products can always be purchased in small travel sizes. In addition, we always seem to look stunning when we are on vacation! We have loads of extra energy, our skin gets darker, our hair gets lighter and the relaxing holiday spirit makes us happy and more beautiful, so minimize your make-up, your vacation makes you beautiful!

Shoes – Now do you really need a pair for each day?

We know that shoes can be something very special. But when you vacation in a holiday home in authentic surroundings, it's not necessarily the number of shoes that is most important, it's rather the practical aspect. So be sure to vary your shoes according to their purpose, so you avoid unpleasant blisters on a hike in stilettos ????

Save expensive "dummy fines" - Pay attention to baggage restrictions.

Flights have never been cheaper and the competition is tough! The airlines therefore earn good money on extra purchases, luggage and, not to mention, the overweight on your luggage. And they have become even stricter ... and it's unreasonably expensive! You usually pay about 15 - 20 € for one extra kilo so it can quickly run up to be a high amount! If your airline says 20 kg, they actually mean 20 kg! And it would be such a shame if you would have to discard the delicious Spanish cheese, which you have purchased vacuum-packed or the excellent Spanish sausages because you do not want to be ripped off by the overweight charges. So remember to pack with extra space in your luggage so that you can still go shopping on your vacation!

Towels and bed linen

When booking a holiday home via sydensferiehuse.dk, towels and bed linens are always included in the price so you do not have to use the precious luggage space for this. However, there are no beach towels included, so remember to leave room in your suitcase for this.

So now you are ready to depart for your fantastic vacation. We hope you have a wonderful time!