About Booking A Holiday Home

Booking af feriehus via Sydensferiehuse.dk APS

Orders can be done verbally, by letter, email or online booking.

Booking can be done through six domains depending on language preference:

Danish: www.sydensferiehuse.dk

English: www.cataloniaholidaylettings.co.uk

German: www.nordspanienferienhauser.de

French: www.maisonsdevacancescatalogne.fr  

Spanish: www.casasruralesencataluna.es

Catalan: www.casaruralcatalunya.com

The booking is only binding once you have received your booking confirmation (no later than 24 hours after your booking).

When you book online via sydensferiehuse.dk, the language will be in Danish, via other domains you can communicate in English, Spanish or German.

Upon booking, it is assumed that the customer has confirmed that he or she has accepted the written notice and / or on the website stated terms for the rent of a holiday home. The customer is required to provide:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number / mobile number
  • number of travel participants
  • nationality
  • e-mail address

At the time of booking, the customer is also required to disclose any personal circumstances for the customer or other guests who require special care in connection with the stay (for example, bed disposition, allergies, disability, etc.).

Negotiations based on the customer's special wishes must, for validity, be stated in the agreement / certificate of participation or otherwise be documented.

When booking a house at Sydensferiehuse.dk APS we can communicate with you in Danish, Spanish or English.