Conditions for Cancellation / want to offer conditions that are fair to both the tenant of the vacation home and the owner of the vacation home.

When an accommodation is rented by us, you pay a down payment of 40%, which is our security and the security of the owner that the renters of the house really come from.

We have made a cancellation policy related to the possibility of finding new clients. Therefore, the possibility of reimbursement is related to how long in advance we receive the cancellation.

  • If you cancel more than 3 months before arrival: we will pay you half of your first payment of 40%. (in effect, the landlord will lose 80% and you will lose 20% of the rent)

  • If you cancel 30-90 days before arrival, you will lose your total deposit of 40% of the rental price. (in effect, the landlord will lose 60% and you will lose 40% of the rent)

  • If you cancel 30 days or less before departure, you must pay the full rental price as there is little chance that the owners can re-rent the vacation home


Any flexibility regarding the conditions?

You are always welcome to contact us, and we will speak to the owner about your specific booking to see, if we can offer you any special agreement.

Also, we will always be happy to document your loss, in case you have a travel insurance covering your loss related to your cancelled holiday.

If you would like to cancel your holiday:

If you would like to cancel your holiday, please contact us by e-mail . In case you are qualified for a refund, we will explain what we need from you in order make the refund.