Rules Of Cancellation

At we want to offer our guests the best possible conditions. This also applies to cancellations. Even though it is stated in § 9 Act 2, number 2 of the Consumer Agreement, that there is a right of withdrawal from rental of holiday homes, we wish to offer guests who cancel in good time an opportunity to cover part of the payment. Therefore:

- If you cancel more than 3 months before departure: We will pay you half of your first payment of 40%. Therefore, you will be refunded 20%. The closer we arrive at the date of departure, the greater the risk that our partners, the homeowners, can not re-rent their houses and therefore, a cancellation has major consequences for homeowners.

- If you cancel 30-90 days before departure, you will lose your entire deposit of 40% of the rental price.

- If you cancel 30 days or less before departure, you are required to pay the full rental price, as there is little chance that homeowners can re-rent the holiday home.