We make the best of our ability to ensure that the holiday homes we have chosen are comfortable, have friendly, professional and welcoming homeowners and are in good condition. Therefore, we only choose the holiday homes we would love to stay in ourselves. We have more than 15,000 guests each year and receive approx. 4-5 complaints per year. It is extremely difficult to satisfy everyone as one’s expectations and dreams can be very different. When you live locally in authentic surroundings, you do not have a professional hotel director, but instead dedicated homeowners who do their absolute best to meet the expectations and wishes of foreign tourists. Therefore, they are always willing to act on any complaint! Therefore, remember to let the house owner know STRAIGHT AWAY, if there is a problem or if something does not live up to expectations.

If we receive a complaint on a holiday home in Catalonia, we will always visit the holiday home the coming fall to see if the standard that we require has been compromised. If the house does not meet our expectations, we will remove the house from our catalogue. We know that a vacation is extremely important for a family. And holiday experiences and memories are indeed very precious. A holiday is when we have time for each other and have the opportunity to relax, so everything should be intact to do so! We therefore know that we have a great responsibility resting on our shoulders, and we wish to do our best to live up to the selection and description of the holiday home. Therefore, we usually say "We never make promises that we cannot keep."

We work by responsible tourism with shared benefits and shared responsibility and with full respect towards the local environment. We therefore only operate in a pleasant distance from mass tourism. We believe that one is the best guest when respectfully meeting the host, and that a mutual respect between guest and home owner will provide you with the best possible travel experience. Therefore, remember that you are far from mass tourism and that a respectful dialogue is always highly appreciated when meeting with your host.

If you, as a tenant, upon arrival at the holiday home, or within 48 hours of arrival, notice a lack of cleaning, damage or defects to the holiday home, we ask that you as a tenant immediately contact, as you will lose the court to make the defect applicable otherwise. You as a tenant must also allow a reasonable time to redeem the damage / lack

Departure from the holiday home before the expiration of the lease, without prior agreement with, is done at the tenant's own expense and risk. As a tenant, you therefore risk loosing your right to terminate the lease for material deficiencies or to claim compensation or proportionate refusal as long as a defect degrades the rent value of the tenant. This is because, as a tenant, you have made it impossible to repair or rectify any damage or possibility of transfer to another holiday home. reserves the right, in the event of a complaint, if possible - and after's decision - to remedy this by transferring you as tenants to another holiday home of similar price and quality. If the claim made in your opinion as a tenant has not been satisfactorily resolved during the rental period, it must be submitted in writing to in writing within 14 days of the termination of the rental period.

Written complaints must be sent by email to: at mail: