Extra beds 

In many of our holiday homes you can rent extra beds for an additional fee.

Both the persons included in the price and the number of extra beds/persons that are possible is stated on our website. Numbers of extra beds/persons are indicated with brackets. The extra beds can be rented for an additional fee. The price for each extra bed varies depending on each specific house, however the price will always be stated on our website, and if you have further doubts don’t hesitate to contact us.

Furthermore, many of our houses have cots and high chairs for babies available. Cots and high chairs can often be rented free of charge.

If you need extra beds, cots or high chairs, please inform us about it during your reservation and booking of our holiday home, and not when you arrive at the holiday home. This must be done well in advance, as the house owners must prepare the extra beds, cots and/or high chairs.