Tenant's Duties and Responsibilities

Tenant's Duties and Responsibilities

The specified times for key delivery must be respected, unless otherwise agreed. Please indicate on "my page" when you expect to arrive at the holiday home, so that the homeowners have a relatively accurate indication of your arrival time and can schedule their day from there. If you are late, we kindly ask you to send a text message or call the house owners, informing them of the changed arrival times. We also suggest that you bring driving directions and send a text to the house owners once you drive from the airport or cross the border.

If any damage, error or failure has been recognized it is your responsibility (as the tenant) to contact sydensferiehuse.dk on phone + 45 50567624 or via mail info@sydensferiehuse.dk, no later than 48 hours from the start of the rental period / delivery of the holiday home.

Also note that events that can be categorized as force majeure are not legitimate. This applies, for example, to power cuts, storms etc.

The holiday home must be left cleaned. Bins/trash cans must be emptied, the refrigerator must be emptied, dishes must be cleaned and the holiday home must be fully ready to be cleaned. Cleaning of the holiday home is included in the price of all holiday homes. All linen and towels are to be left in a room.

If the holiday home is not left in a cleaned condition, the tenant can be charged for extra cleaning services.

When booking via Sydens Feriehuse, the tenant will not make claims against Sydensferiehuse.dk or/and the owner of the holiday home, in case of any accidents at the property, including use of any swimming pool. We note that the tenant is responsible for supervision of the swimming pool.

Any refundable safety deposit paid will be refunded after termination of the lease if the house is delivered in the correct and clean condition. The tenant's responsibility for damages etc. is preserved, although it may exceed the amount paid.
The tenant is responsible for any damage to / loss of own property and valuables brought to the holiday home in case of failure or breakage of the house's installations, theft etc.