10 Good Reasons to stay in a Holiday Home

10 Good Reasons to Rent a Holiday Home

When you choose to live locally, you will wake up to the most beautiful scenery, with time and quietness to enjoy long mornings and each other - time to enjoy watching the kids taking a quick morning swim while drinking the first cup of coffee on the terrace - all while surrounded by beautiful Catalan nature.

For many, it's become very “in” to live locally, and so more and more people opt out on big hotels with hordes of tourists, noisy pool aerobics and noisy, party-loving youngsters.

If it is your first time staying at a holiday home, we have listed 10 good reasons as to why you should choose to live locally in a private holiday home. We hope it will give you a better idea of which type of vacation awaits ahead and allow you to become even more excited about your holiday. You can of course always contact us for further assistance to find the perfect property for you!

1.    You will experience the real and authentic Spain / Catalonia.

Today, some of us have the opportunity to visit the farthest destinations in the world and we travel to the other side of the globe for a small amount of authenticity. When you live in a holiday home in a comfortable distance from mass tourism, you get the full and real authenticity that you wish for! In the smaller local towns, the menus are rarely translated in English and are often only in Catalan. Most locals enjoy having visitors in their local area, as they are in no way bothered, so you will be met with smiles and openness.

2.    You can experience the holiday at your own pace and fill it with your personal wishes and desires.

At sydensferiehuse.dk we always say that we offer a free and independent holiday in authentic surroundings. When you rent a holiday home you can come and go as it suits you as it is just you, your family and friends. You are free to do whatever you want! Doesn’t that sound liberating? Whether you want to get up at 5 in the morning and take the first dip in the pool, go out all day and come home and start the barbecue at 22 and take the last good night dip at 2 in the morning, is entirely up to you! You can also sleep in for as long as you wish, without any disturbances from cleaning staff, and if you should be awakened at all, it will be by the cicadas or the birds twittering their morning song. And you will definitely not be bothered by young party-loving neighbours at 5 o’clock in the morning. A holiday in a holiday home is therefore for the traveller who longs for an unrestricted holiday, designed at your very own pace and without any irritating disturbances!

3.    A holiday home is the absolute perfect type of vacation when travelling with children

Most parents will all agree that staying at a super comfortable luxury hotel never becomes the same when you have children. Even the sweetest, little angels are challenged after a few days when 3-4 family members have been forced to squeeze together in a small hotel room of only 30 square meters – and not to mention the overflowing luggage that takes up enough room as it is! It is safe to say, that most people always end up saying that enough is enough! Then there are those evenings when the children have fallen asleep and it could have been really nice to sit by the pool with a little sweater over the shoulders and enjoy a glass of wine ... but the children are sleeping so we as parents are locked to the small and claustrophobic hotel room.

When you stay at a holiday home, everything will be the exact opposite! When it has become late and the children have been put to bed, you can enjoy yourself on the terrace, looking over the beautiful view, enjoying the peacefulness and a nice glass of red wine. There is PLENTY of space for everyone and several bedrooms. Should you be travelling with young children, you simply need to let us know and we will make sure to have a baby cot ready for you on arrival. Should the children be noisy at the pool at 10 o’clock at night time, well it won’t be a problem – it is only yourselves staying at the holiday home’s large grounds, and it is simply up to you!

4.    Why pay the same for one hotel room of only 40 square meters - Get your very own holiday home with private pool for the same or less?

The price for one family to stay at a hotel is in most cases the same, or even more per person compared to rent a holiday home. And we have a very large selection of quite large holiday homes, so if you bring more families together, the price is usually even more attractive. You often get 3,4 or 5 times as much space for the same money. And we all know that space, or lack of the same, can create or ruin a vacation - why take the chance?

5.    You can save a lot of money on food and beverages when staying at a holiday home

When staying at a hotel, it is rare that the wallet in the bag ever gets a break (unless you have chosen all inclusive). The sun is shining and it's hot: the kids want ice-cream and soda, you might want a cold glass of white wine or a cold beer. All of this will often be purchased at the expensive hotel bar. And it happens several times a day! Other than that, most meals will probably be eaten at the touristy restaurants in the tourist destinations.

When staying in a holiday home, there is no minibar, hotel bar or restaurant. On the other hand, there are small local markets where you can buy some of the finest local produce such as cheeses, sausages, crisp and juicy vegetables, local specialties, the farmer's own olive oil and delightful olives. And the price is equally tempting. At the small local eateries you can enjoy a "Menú del dia" for lunch, for about 10-14 € for three dishes and it is the most wonderful meal you can eat in Catalonia. It is also what the locals always choose to eat when they go out for lunch.

And back home at your holiday home, you can fire up the BBQ while the kids play football or swim in the pool, and you can appreciate that you have the time and the relaxed setting to cook the local delights that you have purchased earlier on at one of the charming, local Catalan markets. Later on you can sip on a glass of wine while watching the sunset on yet another warm summer evening in Catalonia. See that's what we call a real vacation where real memories are made!  

6.    Privacy, Privacy, Privacy!

Personally, I relax the very best when I am alone or with my close family. I can get up in the morning, walk around in my pyjamas with my messy just-got-out-of-bed-hair and do not have to think about anyone other than my family and myself. And it is truly relaxing and de-stressing!

Most of the holiday homes are located within the perfect distance from the nearest neighbour, so you would  almost be able to host a festival without anyone being bothered. This provides you with the perfect setting to truly wind down and make oneself at home. That is of course when you are not out and experiencing the all the wonderful sights and activities in the local area. At the same time, you can let your children be children, as they are able to unfold themselves on the huge grounds, free to swim, play games, gather lizards from the garden and many of the holiday homes also have ping-pong, table football or billiards that they can entertain themselves with.

7.    In a holiday home, several generations, or large groups, can have an excellent holiday where it is easy to meet everyone's needs and expectations.

Sydensferiehuse.dk have gradually become true experts when it comes to very large holiday homes that have plenty of space for several generations to have a great holiday together. As the large holiday homes often have several different terrace areas, lounge rooms etc. it gives for instance grandparents the opportunity to draw back for some time, if some privacy should be needed. Personally we always travel with two other families and have been doing it for 10 years. We are usually 14 people: all of different ages and all with different needs and expectations. The large holiday homes create the best setting for the big groups and it is simply wonderful to all sit at the long Spanish dining table on the terrace and enjoy a great home-cooked meal.

If you want a special evening, there is also the possibility of having a Catalan chef come and prepare an amazing dinner in many of the holiday homes. When you eat at home, do not worry if you enjoy a glass of wine or two - you are at home and can enjoy the long summer evenings on your beautiful terrace. Many grandparents book a holiday home through sydensferiehuse.dk every year and we are pleased that we can help provide the perfect setting for a memorable holiday on the occasion of a special birthday or another special event. We accommodate up to 40 guests and the large houses are usually the houses that are booked early in advance.

8.    You want to travel as a responsible tourist - With respect for the population, the culture and the environment.

Most of us have visited tourist destinations, where mass tourism is unfortunately not washed away at the same speed as our footsteps on the exotic beaches. Major international hoteliers are also the major winners of tourism, while less goes to the local area.

At sydensferiehuse.dk we only offer holiday homes in a comfortable distance from mass tourism, and we only cooperate with local homeowners so that we benefit the locals. It is our most important task to contribute to responsible tourism that respects the population and the local communities, focusing on preserving the beautiful, natural surroundings of the world, wildlife and the many beautiful country homes that are now preserved as holiday homes. It is therefore a type of tourism that at the same time preserves nature and environment whilst benefiting locals.

9.  In a holiday home you are very close to the locals.

We travel to experience, relax, create great memories with our loved ones and experience other cultures. Catalonia has more than 300 sunny days so this important factor of the holiday should be sorted out. Our selected holiday homes in Spain are carefully handpicked so they provide the best setting for a good holiday in a relaxing setting without many disturbing elements. When you choose to live locally, you can hardly get a better guarantee for a great holiday. As a guest, with a local homeowner, you have a unique opportunity to come close to the culture. With more than 15,000 visitors every year, we know that it's just in the meeting with locals that the great holiday memories are made! Although your homeowner may not understand English, you can come a long way with sign language or even google translate .... And should you need help, we're just a phone call away!

10.  Choose an activity packed holiday in with lots of great experiences.

Are you the type of person who needs to burn off some energy on your vacation? Fear not! There are plenty of possibilities when staying at one of our holiday homes. If you enjoy running, just hop in your running shoes and enjoy a run in the beautiful Catalan countryside in the lovely morning sun.

Does your family enjoy active ball games, we have many houses with “multi-fields”, slightly less advanced football pitches and some with paddle tennis, regular tennis, or mini golf. Or you can simply just jump into the car and drive down to play on the field in the local village. Maybe you even get the company of a few local fellow players, you never know!

And then there is of course a variety of fantastic hikes, climbing opportunities, mountain bike routes, electric bikes, climbing parks and much more. Please ask us if you need any advice, and we can also recommend visiting the local tourist office on one of the first days of your trip.

Also, get the best possible tips from your homeowner. Ask what they think you should experience and whether there are some small secret places that must be experienced in the local area. You will never find their local knowledge in your guide book! And remember to respect your host country with the differences there might be – after all we travel to experience diversity!