Air-condition in Holiday Home

Air conditioning in the holiday home

Some guests write and ask if there is air conditioning in our holiday homes. Out of the nearly 500 holiday homes only a few air have conditioning, as it is simply not necessary due to the construction of the Catalan houses.

Catalonia has 300 sunny days a year so we can easily understand that air conditioning is being asked for and the Catalans have thought about the climate when they built their beautiful houses in their time. All houses are built of 80-120 cm thick boulders, and the Catalan houses have small windows with shutters, which, when the sun comes out, are closed to keep the house cool. You should not believe that it will create coolness to open the windows to get air inside. Close shutters and windows during the hot hours and you will maintain a cool vacation home. You will also find that the floors in the houses are tiled floors, which also create a cool indoor climate. At night, however, it is nice to have a cool breeze.

The vast majority of houses have mobile fans in the bedrooms in order that on the warmest days of August there is still airy in the bedrooms, ask if you are in doubt!Thus, when you live in a holiday home in Catalonia, you can focus on keeping the sun out, ensuring a comfortable indoor temperature, even on hot days.

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