Choose the Perfect Holiday Home

Choosing the right holiday home

A homeowner cannot simply call and say they will be on our website. We visit all the holiday homes we have on our website based on the slogan "here we would like to go on a holiday ourselves". A holiday is one of the family's big annual events, where the wonderful holiday memories are created and can be remembered for many years after. We therefore take the responsibility of selecting the holiday homes so that they reflect our desire to offer beautiful places of very good standard.

As a homeowner on some holiday websites, you can create an ad yourself, upload your own pictures and write a description without first having to approve. On these pages, therefore, there is no assurance that the pictures have not been "cheated" or that the homeowner is a sloppy head.

So you have a certain guarantee for the standard when you rent through Catalonia Holiday Lettings, where our picky noses have opted out of more houses than we can present and where we can see, and can advise on activity opportunities, geography and more. Furthermore, all holiday homes are within easy reach of mass tourism, as we try to support responsible tourism as much as possible in Catalonia Holiday Lettings.

As a guest, you will have the best vacation by making clear in advance what is important to you precisely in choosing your holiday home. You may have small children, so a fenced pool is a must. Maybet grandma must have her own room on the ground floor, maybe there need to be a children's room with three single beds and it would be awesome with table tennis for the bigger kids and a playground for the smaller ones. Perhaps, you can try and make a priority list as there is a possibility that you will have to compromise on one of your wishes.

Everything is included in the prices we present on Catalonia Holiday Lettings. You therefore do not get an extra bill on final cleaning (only 3-4 houses in total do not have final cleaning included), bed linen or anything else. The only thing you pay extra is the tourist tax of about 1 euro per. per guest per night for guests over the age of 16 - and for a maximum of 7 nights.

You are also more than welcome to contact us for support with your choice of holiday home. It will be best if you have made an idea of ​​your wishes before contacting us so that we can match the best possible holiday home for you.

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