Living Locally - Rural Tourism in Catalonia

Living Locally - Rural Tourism in Catalonia

Over the last 20-30 years, rural tourism in Catalonia has become extremely popular. The success is in particular due to the beautiful and varied landscape, the friendly locals, the well-preserved local villages and the uncommonly beautiful, restored holiday homes with all the comforts of home. At the moment there are more than 1400 registered holiday homes in Catalonia and out of these, we have hand picked approximately 500 of the best! We have chosen the houses we ourselves love to live in, those where the pig stable is not placed directly by the holiday home and the houses that have some friendly and serious homeowners who will do their absolute best to help you have the best possible holiday in Catalonia.

Rural feriebolig Catalonien

Living locally in a holiday home on the Catalan countryside, provides a holiday in beautiful, peaceful surroundings. Here you will not be awakened by drunk, young hotel guests, eat from the "buffet" and say no to street vendors as soon as you step outside the door. Relax whilst enjoying the sunset in authentic surroundings, enjoy the dinner on the private terrace, cook delicious food on the BBQ, and enjoy watching the kids go for the last (or second last) dip. Idyllic, relaxing and indeed very family friendly!

Should there be any disturbances, it will only be from grazing cows, sheep and horses, while traffic noise and noisy neighbours will rarely ever occur. Flies can of course be a not-so-welcome guest, but homeowners do what they can to minimize this problem, and should it be a problem, then look no further than the shelf of insect sprays in the local supermarket. Mosquitoes are rare in Catalonia, and should they be around, it will usually be during autumn. Should the neighbouring farmer decide to fertilize his field, we cannot deny that may be able to smell it during a few days. Unfortunately, we cannot condemn this as it simply is a natural part of a countryside holiday, just as a city break in Barcelona can be bothered by traffic, noise, drunkun tourists and pollution.

The roads to the holiday home are in very rare cases asphalted and almost never lit up, which, however, is not a problem in the long summer evenings, and in other seasons, homeowners will show you well on your way. The homeowners have guests all year round, so it's never a problem. Just be aware that in most cases there is not a long asphalt road to your holiday home. If there is a very long gravel road (more than 1 km) to your holiday home, we will inform you about this. In any case, we recommend that you reduce the speed and do not rent a low sports car, but we have always been able to arrive in regular rental cars.

We welcome you to this beautiful and relaxing holiday form of travelling and dare to guarantee that once you have tried a vacation in a local, authentic setting, it is difficult to return to stressful hotels and small hotel rooms. Why live on a tenth of the square when you can get an entire holiday home for the same price?