Swimming pool information

Swimming pool in the Holiday Rental Home

Are you traveling with kids and going to the warm south, a swimming pool is almost a must-have. Most kids would probably prefer to skip the daily excursions and rather stay at home in the holiday house… or, to be specific, many would most likely prefer to stay and play at the pool.

Therefore, it is a great idea, when picking the perfect holiday rental home, considering what kind of swimming pool is most preferable. In almost all medium-large and large houses (ranging from 8 – 40 guests), there is a private swimming pool. As it is quite expensive to build a swimming pool, most of our smaller holiday homes have a shared pool, which, on the other hand, is equivalent to a larger swimming pool.

Are you traveling with small kids, we would recommend that you considered a fenced swimming pool as it gives a certain security. Even though the swimming pool is fenced you can never be 100% secure. The fence might not have been properly closed, the smart kid figures a way to climb the fence or is let in by the more grown kids. So be aware in and aorund the swimming pool, the responsibility is yours alone.

Another great idea, if traveling with kids, is to pick a house with a pool that has ‘Roman Steps’, which is a molded staircase that makes it possible for the kids to enter the pool in a safe way. Length, width, and depth on all our pools are indicated on many of our ads but don’t hesitate to ask either way.

We only have a couple of houses with heated pools for the ‘winter months’, as the outdoor swimming pools is warmth by the sun from May/June to September/October. Are you traveling in the winter months and would like to have a useable pool, we would recommend that you pick one of our houses with an indoor pool or one with a heated outside pool. You can use the ‘extended search options’ to find the holiday homes with these features. 

The swimming pool must be maintained, so the house owner will most likely pop by a couple of times during your visit to cleanse the pool and check the water balance. The house owner often shows when you are sound asleep, meaning you probably aren’t going to see the house owner in this context. If you experience any issues or are unhappy with your swimming pool, contact the house owner immediately or write us an e-mail on info@sydensferiehuse.dk