Wi-Fi in Holiday Home

Wi-Fi in Holiday Home

More than a decade ago, when we started Sydensferiehuse, there was no wi-fi in any of our holiday homes. Furthermore, it is difficult to get wi-fi out to the holiday homes because of their location and in addition it was extremely expensive. At the same time, all homeowners thought that one would go on vacation to unplug (and thus did not have to "plug in" the internet).

They may, of course, be right there, but we have had to find that most people would just like to go online. In this connection, we would like to refer to an email we received a couple of years ago. A family had been in a holiday home without wi-fi. When they returned, the dad sent us an email in which he thanked for the fact that for the first time in many years they had been able to contact their teenagers who usually sat with their noses down in their phones. He also reported that he had deleted his Facebook account when he came home, and for the first time in a long time he felt he was 100% present in the present. I do not know if he is back again, but the story is worth thinking about.

Now about wi-fi in the holiday homes. As the development has caused that you use the Internet for a lot of purposes, also on holiday. So most holiday homes have got Wi-Fi and a many customers have got subscriptions that allow a lot of internet usage in Spain at no additional cost.

But it's important to have in mind that wi-fi in a holiday home does not have the quality you are used to at home. There is a very good reason why Facebook, Apple and Google in some years have gigantic data centers in Denmark. We have an uncommonly good wi-fi and super stable power supply.

When you choose to live in authentic surroundings in Spain, the same Wi-Fi speed you are used to at home can not be expected. For example, in some of our houses, you can't expect to be able to smoothly watch Netflix and other heavy streaming services, even though there is wi-fi, but you can, of course, check out mails and upload photos from the pool on Instagram or Facebook. So if the smallest children need a cartoon to fall asleep, or if the teenagers would like a horror movie when it's dark and the rest of the family has gone to bed, we always recommend to download it from home.

And to you parents, you can enjoy the fact that you stand better in the competition with the Internet when you are on vacation in Catalonia!

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